Create smoother youthful and luminous skin with these outstanding products.

Enjoy the exceptional anti-ageing results and give as a gift to those you love.

With the worlds best bee venom, manuka honey and hyaluronic acid, kiwi and grape extracts that increase luminosity by 14% and reduce wrinkles by 22%, these potent products make a huge difference in a few days.

We are really excited to be promoting Power Skin Solutions, the latest creation of Suzanne Hall MNZM the original founder of Living Nature. With nearly 40 years of formulating experience she has combined the most powerful extracts in NZ with the best science to make stunningly effective products that repair the effect of urban pollution and stress.

Beautifully packaged in beautiful recycled paper gift boxes featuring NZ birds. The powerful ingredients are protected and kept at optimum with best quality airless bottles.

The products are really clean, no parabens, ecocert approved ingredients, no animal testing and currently applying for a series of certifications.


Created from the heart of Aotearoa (New Zealand), this ancient land of volcanoes, inspires the soul and enhances your health, grows plants with optimal strength and life enriching qualities.

We chose the name Power to reflect the potent and magical impact the Super Serum and mask have on your skin, repairing the impact of urban pollution. You will feel the wonderful benefits of luminosity, smoother skin and a brighter firmer younger complexion.

We’ve created these products with the highest quality bee venom, the magical manuka honey, New Zealand clay and many powerful extracts so you can always face the world feeling your beauty and power.

Urban pollution is fast becoming the most crucial problem to solve as it intensifies aging, and creates tired, lustreless skin. Power Skin Solutions is specifically formulated to reverse these problems.


Pollution is now causing many symptoms including ageing, dryness, breakouts and irritated skin. This is occurring globally in people who live in polluted areas combined with computer and cellphone use, so healthy skincare solutions are even more important. With the pressure to look our best in a stressed world, effective skin solutions are even more important.

Over 80% of adults living in polluted areas, say they are noticing breakouts as adults as well as dealing with flaky and dry skin. It is so important to have nourishing ingredients closest to the skin throughout the day to soothe and protect your skin as well as enhancing your image.

Power Super Serum

An energized concentrated bee venom serum to give you smooth and vibrant skin.

This powerful bee venom serum helps combat the effects of urban pollution. Bee venom stimulates repair and radiance, Manuka honey and the unique Vinanza extract from Kiwi and grapes, brightens and tightens your skin, boosting hydration, radiance and rapid repair, bringing out your power and beauty.

This is the basis to giving your skin protection and constant repair throughout the day, building radiance and luminosity.

Power Super Mask

We’ve created for you one of the most powerful masks.

With high concentrations of super ingredients, this powerful bee venom mask combats the effects of urban pollution, stimulating repair and radiance. The ingredients stimulate collagen production and leave your skin feeling really soft and supple.

This concentrated mask can be used twice weekly as a mask, or a thin layer can be applied and left on overnight. The potent manuka honey and concentrated plant extracts are designed to promote skin smoothness and beauty.