100% Natural Products

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We pledge

To offer you an innovative, original skin-care make-up line that combines natural ingredients and up-to-date technologies and to respect quality, the environment, human relations and animals while bringing you total comfort and full satisfaction.

  • To respect quality and health


Couleur Caramel aims at combining up-to date technologies with the clearest, most transparent use of any raw material that nature has to offer. Each product description will give you the opportunity to judge the quality of our composition for yourself. You’ll find the percentage of natural, organic ingredients, list of the main plant-based active ingredients and our promise not to use any harmful ingredients.


To the greatest extent possible, we use organically-grown plant-based active ingredients, which makes our products outstandingly effective. Organic active ingredients are grown in wide-open spaces without chemical fertilisers. The plants are not harvested until they have reached maturity. They are cultivated on managed, controlled and respected land. Couleur Caramel has been the first make-up brand to offer some products with the ECO-CERT label. The Eco-cert label makes them easy to spot.


A process called micronisation enables us to create products with professional quality pigment content. You’ll enjoy bright colours without the drawbacks of professional make-up.

Micronisation: Micronisation consists in grinding the material by compressed air, thus resulting in spherical particles that are nine times thinner than ordinary powders. The aim of this process is to offer you an unequalled quality, easy spreading, effective and easy application, perfect hold and really astonishing comfort. You’ll achieve comfortable, user-friendly and fabulous natural results without any excess material.

  • To respect nature

To remain in step with nature, Couleur Caramel has developed its packaging and display stands with often-recycled and always-recyclable materials such as wood, metal and cardboard.

  • To respect people

Respecting people means having consideration for those we come into contact with everyday. That’s why we care so much about respecting ourselves as well as our suppliers, customers, employees and consumers.

Couleur Caramel always seeks sources that can provide fair-trade (FT) products such as sesame oil, Kalahari melon oil or baobab oil, etc.

  • To respect animals

Couleur Caramel products are tested on volunteers under the monitoring of an independent laboratory and never on animals. We never use pine marten bristles to make our brushes because those animals do not live well in captivity.

The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development Brundtland report defined sustainable development in 1987 :

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."